Line, Bar & Area Charts


Line, Bar and Area charts are special class of charts that have atleast two columns. One of the columns can be plotted along the X axis and the rest along the Y axis.

Data format

X Axis Y Value
x1 y1
x2 y2
x3 y3

Picking what to plot

The series tab allows you to pick what column goes on the X axis, what columns go on the Y axis or Y2 axis. You can additionally pick colors for the series or make a single chart have multiple chart types.


For Line Charts:

  • None

For Bar Charts:

  • Stacked Bar - stacks the bars over each other rather then side-by-side
  • Proportional Bar – scales each series plotted at a X value to sum to be 100%
  • Horizontal Bar – present as horizontal bars rather than columnular bars

For Area Charts:

  • Stacked Area - stack the series over each other rather than over laying them
  • Proportional Area – scales each series plotted at a X value to sum to be 100%

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