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2    transaction.date,
3    SUM(product.price)
4  FROM transaction, product
5  WHERE transaction.product_id = product.id

SQL has been battle tested and serving results since 1975.

Rather than learn yet another proprietary query language, we allow you to return data using the universal standard SQL. Fear not, we provide a standard set of queries for retention, growth and engagement during setup that's appropriate for your business.

How it works

Fastest time to insights with no setup.

Connect your database.

We support Redshift, MySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server with more coming along the way.

Type SQL.

Write, run and save SQL with our powerful editor.

Share & Embed.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors.

White Label.

Provide your customers with their usage and success analytics.

Customer Success.

Free setup to get you hit the ground running. Always standing by to help you achieve your goals.


Everything HTTPS, Audit logs, SSH Tunnels, more. The route to your data is secure.

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