Customer Analytics never looked so good.

Cloud BI software and managed services for B2B companies to maintain, retain and grow their existing customer base.

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360 Degree View

Combine product usage, support data, billing data, and survey data to capture a full 360 degree view of a customer. No more customer blind spots.

Segments and Alerts

Segment your customer base using powerful filters and setup alerts to drive growth by forecasting problems from miles away.

Fight Churn

Set alerts on configurable "Red Flag" metrics to proactively reach out to customers at the risk of churning.

Fast and Faster

Petabyte-scale. Built on Amazon's Redshift technology to deliver elastic analytics at an incredible cost.

Dashboards and Embedded Reporting

SQL, charts and beautiful dashboards all in one secure platform. Embed custom analytics in your app to share with your customers and partners.

Shared Decision Making

A single source of truth for all of your analytics across your teams. No more waiting for a report to run.

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