Online SQL Editor for Data Analysts.

A powerful platform with a modern SQL editor, interactive dashboards, and seamless sharing with your entire team.

How it works

Fastest way to chart your database with no setup.

First, Connect your Database.

We support Redshift, MySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server with more coming along the way.

Next, Type SQL.

Write, run and save SQL with our powerful editor. Intellisense-like autocomplete, SQL snippets, indenting support and other productivity features you'd come to expect from a modern IDE.

Then, Share & Embed.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors.

Manage your KPIs, like a boss.

All key business metrics in one single place.

Like a spreadsheet, but real-time.

Real-time visibility into the key metrics you need to run your business in one place. Don't let outdated metrics hold your decision making process back.

Rich customizability.

Conditional formatting, color by scale, comparison indicators, formatting options and more. Build your income statements, balance sheets or any other report according to your needs.


Each line-item is backed by SQL, and your analysts can iterate or inspect the SQL to improve the decision making process.

Powerful Features

SQL as a first-class data analysis platform.

Self-serve Dashboards & Charts.

Start your adhoc, exploratory analysis with our powerful SQL editor. Then, pivot and segment your results to highlight your analysis. Finally, organize your analysis with a self-serve, drag-and-drop dashboard to be used by non-technical staff without knowledge of SQL.

100+ Chart customizations.

Customize every aspect of your chart, including axis, display formatting – currency, percentages, etc. , data types - date time, data ranges, etc., conditional formatting, secondary axis options and more.

Sharing & Embedding.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors. Charts can be sent via email or over Slack. Formats include CSV files, images, and PDF attachments.

SQL Snippets.

Standarize and reference commonly used business logic into short SQL snippets. Saves time, reduces errors, and organizes your analytics into neat building blocks.

SQL Macros.

Use our inbuilt macros to reduce verbosity. Truncate dates, pluggable date ranges, and formatting options to focus entirely on your business logic and not get lost in the weeds of SQL syntax.

SQL Library.

Use our library of SQL recipes for jump start your next business analysis – including moving averages, correlations, outlier detection, regressions, smoothing & forecasting, data cleansing, etc.


Secure by design.

We are fully commited to keeping you and your data safe. We follow industry best practices to manage and secure our network and our application. Our servers hosted with Amazon Web Services. Physical and environmental security is handled entirely by Amazon and their vendors. Amazon provides as extensive list of compliance and regulatory assurances, including SOC 1, 2, and 3, and ISO27001. See Amazon compliance and security docs for more detailed information.

All traffic in flight is secured with AES-256 encryption, and data at rest – including the underlying storage, backups, read replicas and snapshots – are encrypted using Amazon's Relational Database Service (RDS). Our servers and databases are impossible to connect to outside of our VPC (virtual private cloud, similar to a VPN but for AWS servers). Feel free to contact us for more information.


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