Power your search with Silota.

A comprehensive set of APIs to add full-text search, faceted navigation and segmentation to your applications.

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How It Works

A clean and intuitive RESTful API that gets out of your way.

1. Index your data

curl -X POST https://api.silota.com/v1/topic/{TOPIC_ID}/documents/ \
     -H 'Authorization: Basic API_TOKEN' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
     -d '{"id": 5, "title": "Hello World"}'

2. Search your data


Limited by just your imagination

Try some of the sample applications that have been built with Silota.

Search matters

Not just hosted ElasticSearch or Solr. Way more awesome.

Fully Elastic

Engineered for the cloud with unlimited scale to remain effective and useful.

Tightly integrated with the best CDN on the market for maximum performance.


Read-only keys that you can use on public facing websites.

All data exchange including search traffic is encrypted over SSL by default.

First-class Support

Support from the engineers who built the product — send us your questions, complaints and feature requests.

Full control

Customize everything. We've built our API to be completely white-labelled.