Don't let your valuable customers churn

Customer Success cloud software and managed services for B2B companies to maintain, retain and grow their existing customer base.

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The proactive approach to customer success.

Guesswork doesn't get you very far — lack of focus, firefighting, a process without a tool — take away from serving customers and keeping them happy.

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Designed to live where you already work.

Free Chrome Extension for Gmail shows you everything about your customers without ever having to leave your inbox. See activity, outstanding support requests and contract details at a glance.

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The insights you need to grow faster.

Beautiful, interactive reports that lets you understand the overall health of your business. Understand why your growth is slowing and how much of it is attributed to churn.

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What people are saying about us

We chose Silota because it gives us unprecedented visibility across all the key indicators of customer health so we can take timely action
Amin Palizban
CEO, 7Geese

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360 Degree View

Combine product usage, support data, billing data, and survey data to capture a full 360 degree view of a customer. No more customer blind spots.

Segments and Alerts

Segment your customer base using powerful filters and setup alerts to drive revenue by acting on up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

Fight Churn

Set alerts on configurable "Red Flag" metrics to proactively reach out to customers at the risk of churning.

Save Time

Operationalize key Customer Success processes such as onboarding, churn management and renewals. Establish best practices within your team.

Sponsor Tracking

Monitor a sponsor's departure for changes in job role, title & location.

KPI Dashboard

Metrics necessary to run your SaaS business -- Annual/Total Contract Value, Monthly Recurring Revenue, Cost of Customer Acquisition, Life Time Value of a Customer, etc.

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