Mixing Map Types and Segmentation

You are not limited to a single map type or a single segment – you can mix and match.

For this example, we'll use a list of the fastest growing companies in the United States.

The data table is formatted as:

lat long employees state
34.040926 -118.465083 227 California
34.040926 -118.465083 191 California
38.8964 -77.0487 145 Virginia
37.2751 -121.8261 62 California
42.3605 -71.0596 92 Massachusetts
44.1004 -70.2148 50 Maine
37.6558 -122.405 129 California
33.525009 -112.109878 130 Arizona
45.5286 -122.663 264 Oregon
... ... ... ...

A single series (no segments)

Without picking any segments, the geomap is visualized as before (we've picked bubbles as the map type and weighed the bubbles based on the number of employees.)

Picking the column to segment on

If you go over to the Series tab, you can pick the "State" as the segment column. Right away the data is segmented and the segments are displayed below.

You can further pick a color and the map type for one of the segments. In this case, we'll continue to use bubbles, but change the color to orange.

Final result

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