Sharing the vision & challenge behind our new site search product.
Introducing Silota: Our Vision & the challenge
By Ganesh Swami, July 16, 2013.

Seems just like yesterday that I was planning for a major event in my life: a backpacking trip through the jungles and highlands of South America. I was both budget conscious and time constrained. I needed travel insurance. I needed backup credit cards. I had browser tabs open with the websites of vendors I was interested in, but had to make decisions fast…

The decision to favor a vendor over another usually came down to one or two factors. In fairness, to give these vendors the benefit of doubt and to make sure I wasn’t missing something, I used their internal site search functionality.

It was a frustrating experience to say the least. It was slow and at times broken. I wasn’t even able to navigate back to the page I was originally on. Yes, I could have used Google’s site: keyword but I didn’t have the time for that. Calling their 1-888 number was also out of the question.

These vendors had a buyer ready to pay, but lost out.

The changing world of a buyer

My story isn’t an isolated incident. Everyday, scores of potential buyers are being turned away at the door because of issues with accessibility, navigation, context, etc.

And the data supports that.

According to Google, “search is the most common way consumers continue from one device to another.”

Our vision

This got me thinking: what would an exceptional search experience look like? A world with no limits. The only thing that can stop an idea is not sharing it. Here’s ours:

  • super fast (response times within 1/10th of a second)
  • context specific & relevant
  • beautiful
  • modern features like auto-complete, auto-correct spelling errors, etc.

The challenge

To put together such a system requires deep integration across disparate pieces of technology: frontend UX, smart application delivery, content extraction and information retrieval, distributed systems and data visualization.

Though, at the end of the day, technology needs to serve a purpose. We are confident our solution can make a measurable impact on your bounce rates, conversions and customer service costs.

Let us show you

If you’re a product manager or a marketing manager for a website with hundreds (or thousands) of pages, we would love to invite you to try out our solution and experience first hand our approach. Just hit the “Request a demo” button. Thanks!