Plans & Pricing

All plans include a 14-day free trial. No obligations, no risk.


Your data security is our top priority. We employ cutting-edge, enterprise-grade security and privacy practices – including IP whitelisting, SSH tunnels, and encryption at rest. Contact us to learn more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you help me get started?

Yes. If you prefer to schedule a web demo, we can walk you through the major features and benefits. The demo will be personalized 1-on-1 for your needs.

How long are your contracts?

All plans are month to month unless you signup for the yearly plan. You can upgrade, downgrade or cancel your subscription at any time.

Who owns my data?

You always own your data and do not believe in holding your data hostage. You can also read our privacy policy and terms of use for more information.

Can Silota handle my data volume?

Yes. Our systems are fully elastic. This means it automatically scales up and down with demand, easily capable of dealing with the largest peaks.

What databases do you support?

We support MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redshift, Microsoft SQL Server and BigQuery.

Do you have consulting services?

Yes, take a look at our data analytics consulting services.