High-end Business Analytics Consulting Services for High-growth startups

Software, Talent & Training to help you unlock the potential of your data.

Need expert level analytics help, but can’t bring on someone fulltime?

Our expert data analysts and data engineers will work 1-on-1 with your executive team to identify opportunities and gaps in your customer acquisition, product development, and financial KPIs.

Services we offer:

  • Data engineering. Data warehouse setup, configuration and optimization. Event tracking setup, data enrichment integrations, and ETL pipelines.
  • Data analytics. Data modeling, KPI reporting, advanced data science models for predicting customer retention, churn, sales forecasting and marketing channel attribution.


We work in two-week sprints. Cancel at anytime.

One Simple Price
$ 3000 / Sprint

Frequently asked questions

  1. What does a typical project look like? A typical project has us working across the entire data stack. At the beginning of the analytics lifecycle, we’ll help you spin up a data warehouse (either PostgreSQL, Redshift or BigQuery), pick off-the-shelf Extract-Transfrom-Load (ETL) tools to centralize your data, model the data in your warehouse, and build some core Business Intelligence reports.
  2. Who will work on the project? Every project will have a primary contact person – who will be on all your calls and perform the majority of the work. We will tap into internal expertise as necessary to complete the work.
  3. What tools do you use? We only work in environments where there is a high-performance SQL data warehouse as the backbone of the analytics infrastructure – be it PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redshift, BigQuery or Azure SQL Server.
  4. Where is my data hosted? We’ll help you setup your infrastructure, but you’ll own and host it. It’s your data, and we don’t believe in holding your data hostage.
  5. Do you have early-stage startup pricing? Contact us and we’ll be able to work something out.
  6. Where is your team located and what timezone do you work on? We are located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and typically work in the Pacific timezone.
  7. When can we get started? Get in touch, and we’ll be happy to share our current availability.

Still not sure?

We know it can be a difficult decision to bring on a consultant. We are open to a obligation-free chat to help you figure out a budget and a return on your investment. In the meanwhile: