Meetup notes on Deis, a Docker PaaS.
Shipping Deis with Docker: Vancouver Docker Meetup
By Ganesh Swami, September 17, 2014.

One of the core maintainers (Matthew Fisher) of Deis, gave the Docker community in Vancouver a talk last week. He walked us through the internals of Deis and how they integrated with Docker to create the first multi-host Docker PaaS. Some notes from the meetup…

Docker and Deis

Docker is an amazing container technology that lets you run far more applications on a single host. This is possible because it does away with the overhead of a guest OS that traditional virtual machines require.

Deis attempts to build a 100% open source Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) with a Heroku inspired workflow. It’s written in Python and Go and first released over a year ago.


Today, Deis has over 2500 stars, 150 watchers and over 300 forks on GitHub. Five developers work on it full-time. Around 100 deployments are found in the wild, including some in production.

Platform Approach

Deis takes a platform centric approach to development. All components are interchangable, using tools people are comfortable with. The core philosophy is to get code working now, and optimize later.

DevOps Approach

The DevOps approach to building products is to have developers own the application and operations own the platform.

Future plans

A big ticket item coming up is integration with Apache Mesos. Mesos is already in production at Twitter, Hubspot and Airbnb. The team is working closely with Mesosphere on this.

Lessons learned

  1. Documentation and tests first, code later.
  2. Pay attention to the ecosystem.
  3. Invest heavily in automation.


If you’re interested in contributing, get it touch with Matt via twitter.