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What is it

Advanced SQL data visualization tool that allows you to do budget & forecasting, outlier detection, bucketing and finding correlations.

Product Analytics

Understand Product Segments.

Your most Profitable Products and Bundles, High Gross Margin, High Volume, Hot Products, Cold Products, Most Reordered Products, Most Refunded and Discounted Products.

Product & Category Level Insights.

Margin, Orders, Quantity Sold, Hot Products, Quantity Left, Refunded, Cost of Goods Sold and Gross Profit.

Cost Of Goods Sold Reporting.

Batch import Cost of Goods Sold data and use that to calculate margins. Without COGS data, you are making decisions with little understanding of an appropriate level of marketing spend relative to product profitability.

Performance Reporting

Net Profit by Channel.

Powerful filters let you segment performance data by device type, geography, day of the week, or channel.

Seasonal and trend analysis.

When planning budgets, you do not want to be sidetracked by seasonality and trends.

Fully customizable.

Incorporate administrative metrics such as shipping revenue, refunds, and sales tax to get an even more comprehensive view of ecommerce performance.

Customer Insights

Group customers with similar purchasing behavior.

Find your VIP Customers, Small Ticket Spenders, Value Shoppers, Customer Who Haven’t Purchased in Three Months, Recently Refunded and more.

Cultivate Loyal Customers.

Calculate Lifetime Value to understand how to best market to and monetize your customer base.

KPIs for each Segment.

Products Most Purchased, Number of Orders, Average Order Value, Customers at Risk and Lost.

I've been able to deeply understand our Mailchimp email list by using the power of Silota. Mailchimp's analytics tools are limited to per-campaign stats, but we were interested in per-subscriber stats and Silota was the only way to answer that question.
Matthew Chow
Data Analyst
How it works

Every report is backed by SQL and has unlimited flexibility.

First, Connect your Database.

We support Redshift, MySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server with more coming along the way.

Next, Type SQL.

Write, run and save SQL with our powerful editor. Intellisense-like autocomplete, SQL snippets, indenting support and other productivity features you'd come to expect from a modern IDE.

Then, Share & Embed.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors.


Write SQL, visualize data, and share your results.

Write SQL

SQL Snippets.

Standarize and reference commonly used business logic into short SQL snippets. Saves time, reduces errors, and organizes your analytics into neat building blocks.

SQL Macros.

Use our inbuilt macros to reduce verbosity. Truncate dates, pluggable date ranges, and formatting options to focus entirely on your business logic and not get lost in the weeds of SQL syntax.

SQL Library.

Use our library of SQL recipes for jump start your next business analysis – including moving averages, correlations, outlier detection, regressions, smoothing & forecasting, data cleansing, etc.

Visualize Data

Self-serve Dashboards & Charts.

Start your adhoc, explaratory analysis with our powerful SQL editor. Then, pivot and segment your results to highligh your analysis. Finally, organize your analysis with a self-serve dashboard to be used by non-technical staff without knowledge of SQL.

100+ Chart customizations.

Customize every aspect of your chart, including axis, display formatting – currency, percentages, etc. , data types - date time, data ranges, etc., conditional formatting, secondary axis options and more.

Advanced Geomap Datatypes.

Use our advanced heatmaps and cluster maps to chart your location data. More than just bar charts and line charts.

Share your results

Sharing & Embedding.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors. Charts can be sent via email or over Slack. Formats include CSV files, images, and PDF attachments.

Plans & Pricing

All plans come with a 14-day free trial. No contract. Cancel when you want.


Your data security is our top priority. We employ cutting-edge, enterprise-grade security and privacy practices – including IP whitelisting, SSH tunnels, and encryption at rest. Contact us to learn more.

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