Online SQL Editor for Data Analysts.

A powerful platform with a modern SQL editor, interactive data charts, and seamless sharing with your team via email or Slack.

How it works

Fastest way to chart your database with no setup.

First, Connect your Database.

We support Redshift, MySQL, Postgres and Microsoft SQL Server with more coming along the way.

Next, Type SQL.

Write, run and save SQL with our powerful editor. Intellisense-like autocomplete, SQL snippets, indenting support and other productivity features you'd come to expect from a modern IDE.

Then, Share & Embed.

Securely share your charts with your team members, customers and investors.

More than a software company.

We are your strategic partner, committed to helping you achieve your data warehousing and architecture needs. Our expert level architects will design your Redshift or Postgres warehouse utilizing best practices for optimum scalability and performance.

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